Welcome to the New Media Company Design Studio

Where to Start?

Lets be honest, if you’re on this page the likelihood is you want to have a look at some photos and see who it is you could be working with... That’s great, we are visual people and we get it. Photos say a thousand words. Sit back and take a scroll through our selection of images and see what it is we are all about.

But if you do want to delve a little deeper and really find out about the people behind the business then please read on!

The New Media Company is...

a team of creatives, joined together to deliver a range of design and marketing materials to a diverse range of clients.

Our Aim...

is help you tell your story and the best way to do that is by getting to know the people we work with. We want to start our relationship being open and honest with you, so let’s get to know each other and create something great!


Take a look around and see where we work

Our Story

We love design, in whatever form. But as our team has grown and our skill sets have broadened, we now we offer a full range of services including illustration, web design, development, marketing, print, video and animations. We believe that the best way to learn and grow is from each other. By working together and teaching each other our own unique skills we can offer a range of services to our clients.

The New Media Company constantly aims to grow as a creative agency. We like to be pushed out of our comfort zone and strive to learn new skills.

Our Studio

We create an environment that is unique, fun and will help to spark our wacky thoughts and ideas

Lets Get To Know Each Other

Hopefully, you’ve now gained a bit of knowledge about the New Media Team.
The next step is for us to get to know your and your business!

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Our team are certified by the following accreditations: