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We're a dedicated team that loves what we do. We only hire others who love what they do, too. As our customer base continues to grow, we’re always looking for new, talented people to bring their creativity and skills. We’re looking for someone with the same interests and passions as us so take a look around and see if you’re the right fit!


We are a creative agency and we love to encourage wacky work! We have monthly team meetings where we share our weird and wonderful ideas and then we try our best to implement these ideas into our business.


As well as hands on learning and getting stuck into challenging and engaging projects, we encourage you to invest 5 hours of your 40 hour week to learning new stuff (the best bit is you get paid for this time).


We work hard and play hard. Whether it’s team events, nights out, Birthday celebrations or our fortnightly achievement awards, we like to say thank you to our team members for their hard work and dedication.


Hit the ground running, learn from your peers and take the time to develop your own interests and skills and you will be on the path to a successful career here at The New Media Company.


As we grow as a company, we believe it is important that every member of the New Media Team has the same thoughts and beliefs when it comes to work and the working environment. These shared values make it possible for us to develop our brand and our business and continue to grow both individually and as a team.

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Make a Difference

We find nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients happy. We have worked on a number of amazing projects that have allowed us to help to make a difference to local communities and the people within them. It means a lot to us that our work can touch the heart of a company, organisation or even a school and to truly help the people within them.

NM Awards

No Achievement is too small. Big success or small, even wrapping your boss’s desk in cling film or dropping a tray of mugs - we’ve got an award for it!

We’re in it Together

If it’s your birthday you get a homemade cake. If it’s a national holiday we celebrate it. From Halloween to Christmas, we eat we drink and we ‘be merry!’

Work/ Learn

Team Events

Flexible Working Hours

Fat Fridays

Individual Creative Hubs

Beer O’clock

Birthday Bakes

Brews and Biscuits

How to Apply

We want someone that literally invests themselves in the idea of being bigger and better at what they do and what they love. If you think that’s you then please send your CV in PDF format along with links to your work, web designs, or portfolio you have created so we can see proof of your talents.

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