Project: Character Design, Illustration & Animation

The Big Bug Show

Watch the Video

After developing a relationship with Yorkshire Wildlife Park, they asked us to create an animation for their outdoor ampitheatre. Thank goodness we all love watching cartoons and had a good idea of what would look awesome and what would animate well!

Take a look at how we take our bug illustrations from paper to the BIG screen!

Cheryl Williams – CEO
Yorkshire Wildlife Park

“The show is looking great, a huge thank you to you guys for the massive amount of work you have all done. Hope you can get over to see the show soon, I am sure you will enjoy it! We will do more as we develop the shows but hopefully not with the same time pressures!”

Creating and Animating Characters

Once we had created the brand, logo, backgrounds and characters we began to animate each element for the show. The show is split into small sections so effectively we created a series of 20-30 animations that a speaker could navigate through on a giant screen at YWP.

Each character has their own section where they show off their special skills to the audience. From poo flicking and flying to surviving a nuclear blast – there’s lots to see (and lots to animate!) The show concludes with the audience choosing their favourite bug.

Andy Watson – Video Production Specialist 
Yorkshire Wildlife Park

“Just a quick message to say we have today had all elements running together and it’s looking great! Thanks again for all of your incredible hard work!”