Account Happiness Manager

Please help us welcome ANOTHER team member!

As the New Media Team continues to grow we realised we needed some help managing accounts, liaising with clients and keeping all the creatives in line. 

We are pleased to introduce…

Name: Hannah Mee


Position: Account Happiness Manager

BIO: Hannah Mee, one of the world’s most sought-after CRM Agents, was recruited by the Game Changer to be on the newest member of the New Media Team. She immediately proved herself to be an asset by taking control of the New Media Account System and continued to do so when taking command of the Fortress of Design during one of the Game Changer’s Marketing Quests. The Game Changer returned from his mission victorious against his arch enemy Mad Marketing and with a new special power which would enable him, Agent CRM and the rest of the New Media Team to always stay one step ahead of their enemies. With this new power and under the positive direction of Agent CRM, the Team continued to work together happily creating powerful weapons to protect the rest of the world from Mad Marketing and Evil Lord Bad Design. Agent CRM – committed to Managing Happy Relationships.


We are excited to welcome Hannah to the team and wish her all the luck and happiness in her new role!


And along with Agent CRM comes her super cute sidekick – Kpu9!

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