Fish! Market Philosophy – A remarkable way to boost morale and improve results – Book Review

Fish! Market Philosophy – Fish remarkable morale improve results Book Review

‘FISH!’ is a simple, easy to read story about Seattle’s Pike Place Fish. The underlying message, however, is about inspiring and injecting passion back into the work environment, which can also have a knock on effect with all aspects of life. The “Fish Philosophy” is based on a few simple ideas that can change your outlook on the regular 9 to 5 job and turn your work day into an enjoyable, and even fun time in the office.

Working in a creative agency, we feel it’s important to be able to be expressive and have fun in order to keep the ‘creative juices’ flowing. The take away part for The New Media Company was ‘Choosing Your Attitude’, a part of the book which covers how you feel when you come into work in a morning. In basic terms, if you choose to be positive and remove negative vibes, you will have an enjoyable and productive day at work.

We created a poster of an ‘Attitude Menu’ for our studio, inspired by the ‘Fish!’ Book, so that we can look at it and choose how we feel each day. Ideally the more positive you are, the more beneficial it is for everyone. Of course, everyone has their down days, we are all human, but this book helps you to look at the bigger picture.


Using the FISH philosophy has benefits to both the company overall, as well as the employees on a more personal level.

We would recommend this to any business if you’re looking to inspire your employees. Once you’re finished reading, pass it to the next person and see how their attitude changes!  

Alternatively, if you have a friend who is always moaning about how dull their work life is, do them a favour and buy them this instead of chocolate or wine. It might just make their day.

Please feel free to download the above poster and don’t forget to checkout our ‘Core Values‘ They are a little different to most companies. See if you agree? Press here :)

5 Star

– Five Stars from The New Media Company

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