I’d give my right arm!

I’d give my right arm to work for the New Media Company!

As our company continues to grow, as does the desire to work as part of our team. Our most recent advert had an overwhelming number of applicants which was both exciting and quite daunting for us! People were excited, motivated and eager to work with us which was such a compliment to our team and our hard work but as we met more and more brilliant candidates it seemed like a more and more impossible task.

We sat down as a team to discuss what is was that we really needed in our team. Obviously we needed someone who was qualified, we needed someone who would fit in with the rest of the team… But what we really needed was someone who would literally give their right arm to be part of our company and our culture.

Then we had a great idea…

Introducing the New Media’s Teams right arm! A symbol our dedication to working as a team, trusting each other, thinking BIG, blowing minds, staying grounded, never acting our age, being creative, sharing the wealth, making a difference and most importantly being awesome!

Callum created this super cool illustrative arm with all of our team characters and our core values. It represents each and everyone one of us and our desire to work together, grow together, laugh together…and it looks pretty cool at the same time!


arm5arm3arm arm4 arm2  

Would you give your right arm to be part of our team? Check out our new “Culture” Section and see if you’ve got what it takes!

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