Graphic Design Survival Kit

Take the most basic of items and transform yourself into the Bear Grylls of Graphic designers. Our fashion choices can also lend its hand to surviving in the wild, so get your jam jars at the ready just in case the oversized lenses are needed to begin a fire, and with your familiar comforting software tools on the tablet allowing you to document your adventure your peers will be envious of your

bravery little do they know you have to resort to eating your lunch off your favourite gadget.

On second thoughts….


Put your pencils back in a line and use these tips if you want to be on top of your design game but it might be easier to just call someone to come and pick you up, us designers aren’t built for the outdoors.

Check out your options below and you make the call!

Survival Guide

If you would like to make use of this wonderful graphic, be our guest! Just copy & paste the link below!

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