Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – 2015 Rugby World Cup England download fixture table

With one week to go, a major sporting event is upon us, the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It only seems like yesterday that England won the World Cup in 2003, with that famous Johnny Wilkinson kick.

Ever since, more and more people are behind the England Team and supporting our lads in the quintessential English game. Rugby’s start was pretty simple, back in 1823 during a game of good ol’ football (you caught it, then kicked it back in ye olde times) William Webb Ellis caught the ball and ran with it towards the opposition’s goal. It wasn’t until approximately the 1890’s before Rugby matches were scored and in tournaments.

There’s something that gives us a bit of a buzz about the World Cup being held in The Land of Hope and Glory. This year feels like a pretty patriotic year with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II overtaking her Great Great Grandmother (Victoria FYI) as the longest reigning British Monarch, and the World Cup being held just down the road.

For a bit of good sport, we have done a fixtures table for you to download to do an office, client or wherever you like sweepstake, everyone loves a little competition, right? You’ll see we’ve chosen 10 players to watch out for throughout the tournament too, you’re welcome.


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