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The New Media fortnightly Team Recognition Awards


As a bit of fun and to show our appreciation for all the good work our team have been doing we thought it would be a great idea to give a couple of fortnightly recognition awards.


Award 1: Hero of the Week

This award will go to someone who has gone the extra mile, someone who has really made a difference over the weeks. Maybe they’ve WOW’d a customer, made the tastiest tea all week, produced some awesome work, helped somebody out or made progress in their personal growth and training. This lucky person will also be exempt from making tea for the duration of the fortnight – no tea making for two weeks for this lucky person :)


Award 2: Successful Failure of the Week

It is a true privilege to win this award. If you would like the formula’s for growth and success, it’s quite simple. Double your rate of failure. We use failure as an opportunity to grow and improve. We must be willing to keep trying until we get it right. We promote failure and must fail forward. This award will go to the person who has tried the hardest and learnt the most due to getting something wrong. “Failure is success if we learn from it.” – Malcolm Forbes. This lucky person gets to leave one hour early on the Friday of winning the award.


This weeks awards (05/06/2015) go to James and Lindsay!

Our hero of the week, this week is Lindsay!

Congratulations Lindsay, thank you for working outside your comfort zone and doing a fab job in the process.


SUCCESSFUL failure of the week goes to James!

Well done James, we are constantly impressed by your hard work, commitment and growth! Keep failing forward! 


Great work team and well done :)

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