We believe in Making a Difference

We believe in Making a Difference

Here at the New Media Company we follow a set of company values that remind us what is important and help to guide us to do the right thing. One of our values is to “Make a Difference.” This could be anything from a small act of kindness to giving a sum of money to charity.

We believe in giving back and practicing gratitude and because of this we decided to open our studio doors to a selection of talented young children.

We have been working on a few projects for Plover Primary School over the past few months and were impressed by some of the fabulous artwork in and around their school and so, when Head Teacher Steve Bowler asked if we would be interested in leading a small class about design we jumped at the chance.

On Wednesday 15th of July we had a small group of children into the studio for a Design Masterclass! We showed the children how we create some of our illustration work (We even shared some of top secret hints and tips with them!) and then we let them use their own creative ambition to come up with their own drawings.

We were really impressed, not only by the skill level on display but by the quick pace in which they were able to learn to use new techniques and technologies. It was a truly humbling experience and one which we enjoyed every minute and hope that the children did too! 

Hopefully, we and have some more New Media Master Classes in the future!

To see some of our work for Plover Primary visit: https://thenewmediaco.co.uk/projects/plover-school/

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