Welcome Another Newby!

NAME: Callum Thompson


We are delighted to announce that Callum (aka: Captain Creative) has joined us on our creative quest! We take extra care in selecting only A players to join our team and Callum is certainly one of them.

POSITION: Apprentice Graphic Designer/ Illustrator – Ambitious Design Prodigy

BIO: After a year working together, news began to spread like wildfire of the New Media Team. People from far and wide started approaching the team wanting to be part of it, wanting to join. The New Media Company wanted to give everyone a chance, but it wasn’t possible. They couldn’t help everybody… as much as they wanted to.

Then along came Callum Thompson, A charismatic young creative with the world at his feet and amazing design skills quite literally at his fingertips. Callum flew into the New Media Fortress and was immediately welcomed the team because of his friendly personality and incredibly illustration skill. It wasn’t a choice of whether to accept Callum into the team and was a case of how soon could he start. Within days Callum was a part of the New Media Team, as if he had been there from the start. Under the guidance of Graphics Girl he began to grow and develop becoming an illustration master – also know as Captain Creative – “committed to creating a better world.”


We all Welcome Callum to the Team and wish him every success at The New Media Company.

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