Believe in what you do, to succeed in whatever you do. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action



Believe in what you do, to succeed in whatever you do. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Countless times we hear believers quote ‘Believing is Doing’. Ever wondered why this philosophy is so essential to the idea of religion itself? Why can’t we do and then believe? What makes believing a prerequisite to success?

Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Junior, Winston Churchill are names that are popular with everyone, everywhere. What makes them so different from the Gates and Bush’s? Why does society revere them as ‘charismatic’ leaders? Somehow everything they do, evokes an emotional response.

Noted motivational speaker and author Simon Sinek offers a simple explanation based on his concept of ‘the golden circle’.

According to Sinek, in order to lead others to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself first and have a purpose to what you are doing. You should not start by thinking about ‘What’ you want to do, but rather ‘Why’ you want to do it.

Sinek explains the behavioural psychology that involves the human brain which has evolved through generations, and how it perceives things. The primary core of the brain, the one that is responsible for all gut instincts and urges, is the one that responds to ‘Why’. This highly recommended life changing video below lasts for 18 minutes and it’s well worth the watch….

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If we were to consider an example of someone who is completely absorbed with work in the middle of night and suddenly starts feeling hungry with an immediate urge to eat; then this is how they would think – ‘How’ can they get something this late? Can they get a pizza delivered at 2 am? perhaps not; so they’ll have to turn to whatever is in the fridge. They’d go down to the kitchen and look in the fridge for ‘what’ can be fixed.

It’s as simple as that – All our actions are dictated by urges.

Leaders and brands that understand this, naturally or through learning, are the ones who are able to connect with their audiences at a very basic level to evoke a response unlike any of their competitors. Sinek’s example of why people line up overnight to buy the latest model of iPhone, may just be an alpha’s response to establish a dominance over its herd, but is a response nonetheless. Also, it is in line with Apple’s own belief of them being a step ahead of their counterparts.

So why do we buy an Apple? Is it because it’s better than a PC? For a few of us, yes; but a large majority of us do it for the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with owning an Apple. If I were any wiser, I would even go on to relate it with Freud’s theories of castration anxiety!

Jokes apart, Simon Sinek’s analysis of the human brain and how it motivates leaders that in turn drive masses, has a lot for us to learn. If we want to sell something to others and have them understand why they absolutely should buy it, we need to ask ourselves, “Why are we selling it?”

At The New Media Company we believe in being different. Our experience has shown that if we ‘add value’ to what we do, people will always be interested. So we are never shy of being edgy and risky when we truly believe in our hearts that it is what should be done to go that extra mile. But above all, we believe in making a name for our customers, so whenever someone admires their video, in turn looks us up. ‘What’ we believe in is “Honesty being our best policy,” and ‘Why’? Because it makes us who we are – ‘Different from everyone else’.

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