Titian Furniture Video Shoot


We have just finished filming for the Titan Furniture Company. Titan were the fist company in the World to develop a One Piece classroom chair that conformed to EN1729 Parts 1 and 2.

We produced the video at several locations to ensure we achieved the full production picture. The initial shoot was held at RG where we will captured the production of the chairs, we then capture the moulding and the whole production process.
We then moved onto Birmingham to shoot the logistics and stock, demonstrating the huge stockholding, following Birmingham we will visit the Devon head office to shoot the assembly line, the warehouse and the customer service / sales team.

Animation and motion graphics is the medium we will use to create the video, we will:
Style will be professional and informative and bring to life the production process, we will use stylish motion graphics that entertain and enthral your target audience.
The entire video will be constructed and animated with ‘real’ staff and professional voice overs. We will interview staff and capture them in their work environment, we will use filters to enhance the working environment to show movement and motion, the video will capture different accents and different nationalities to demonstrate the broad culture of Titan’s staff.
The motion graphics will be impressive, fast moving and very informative throughout the film. Backgrounds will use live footage and animation to compliment the statistics.

To present information about Titan Furniture that will offer a sense of the scale of their commitment to stock, staffing, warehousing and production, demonstrated through and engaging video.

A short film (maximum 3 minutes in duration) communicating facts about Titan Furniture. This will highlight the diversity of the company, the level of the companies engagement in staff, stock and commitment to the dealer market, we will demonstrate the facilities and the opportunities available to prospective and existing customers. Animation and motion graphics will be used with the use of stylish text overlays to fire home key USP’s the business has to offer. Style will be visually engaging, professional quirky and informative.

The motion graphics will be fast moving and very informative throughout the film.

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