What is New Media? | From Birth to Business

What is New Media? | From Birth to Business

It seems much longer than just a decade and a half ago when the internet was introduced to the general public. As a means of information and entertainment, many of us remember that squeaky dialling tone as we waited for our computers to connect to the World Wide Web.

In the beginning many of us used the internet as our own personal encyclopaedia, we’d make an effort to connect with friends through the now severely outdated “Friends Reunited” and we’d take a tentative step into chat rooms amazed by how many people shared our interests and hobbies.

Buying online seemed quite far from our minds, yet when EBay was born it didn’t take long for many to follow suit. All of a sudden internet shops would pop up on an hourly basis, realising that a website homepage was much easier on their overheads than a shop that incurred business rates, rent and utility bills.

It wasn’t long before our favourite supermarkets followed suit showing us a convenient way to shop at home in our pyjamas rather than battling it out down the aisles when weary from the working day. Initially an online shop would take far longer than a quick trip in the car but this didn’t stop us adoring the groceries that would be delivered direct to our door.

What is New Media? | From Birth to Business

What is New Media? | From Birth to Business

Free Facebook is Worth Billions

And then of course came Facebook, surprisingly this interactive social network only really started to boom just a mere five years ago, now however over half the population share daily life, photos and videos checking in on average twice a day.

Facebook will always be free, yet they have now found unique ways to make money, as one the highest profiting websites on the web, it seems strange that they turnover billions of pounds each year.

Their secret is down to the visitor interaction, by pulling people in through the medium of videos, sharing, photographs and links; they can charge extortionate amounts for their advertising that directs itself into the faces of those that want it the most.

With Facebook forever forging into the future internet users now expect a unique experience that offers that little bit more before they part with their hard earned cash. No longer do we have to wait each pixel to be revealed as we visit a site, as broadband speeds allow full films, motion graphics and 3d animation to pop out into our own home study.

Not only this, but now we want this on the move, we want to be able to do the weekly shop whilst waiting in the doctors surgery, stuck in traffic or on the commute on the way home. We’re a nation of multi-taskers and convenience seekers that are assaulted with so much choice that if one website doesn’t provide we quite simply move onto the next.

This is why interactive media, videos and apps are so important for a business. To be able to compete your customers need to feel you are rolling with the times as well as caring enough to give them what they want. As the age of the corner shop disappears where warm welcomes would ensue as soon as the shop doorbell would ring, we now demand a personal service that makes us feel wanted and valued.

This works for businesses on so many levels, as research shows that by enticing more than one of a customer’s senses, you’re half way to making that sale. A website with videos will attract three times more visitors than one with copy alone.

Quite simply, once they visit your website, new media will pull them in, securing that sale or contact, boosting your profits as your take advantage of the psychological media mediums that make customers return for more! Find out more…

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