With great powers comes great responsibility!


We wanted to create a new, interesting and memorable email signature so that when we sign off from emails, customers will know they are dealing with design & marketing super humans!

“With great powers comes great responsibility”

No longer do we want to be referred to as “Graphic Designer” or “Marketing Director” – We are much more than that! We want our titles to actually mean something and to show that we are much more than your average design team. We feel these creative titles will help inspire the team, increase employee engagement, productivity and profitability. 

Why do the job titles found in most organisations sound generic – as though they could exist within just about any business, which effectively strips them of meaning when it comes to employee engagement?

Every business is unique; what’s more, most business owners claim that their employees “set them apart.”  If this is true, why not reflect the unique nature of your business and your organisation’s unique selling propositions in your job titles and job descriptions?

We want to inspire our team to greater levels of employee engagement and productivity so what we will do is assign unique job titles and really think through the descriptions that will go along with them so that they relate directly back to our values, mission and vision of our organisation. Just like superheros have super powers, we will have our very own super ‘powers’ and super strengths so customers can easily see what we have to offer and what each employee has to offer.

It is important we relate job titles and descriptions back to the mission of our organisation

Every employee needs to understand how their role impacts the business as a whole and how what they do contributes to fulfilment of our mission and vision. For instance, instead of a receptionist, greeter, front desk clerk or cashier – whoever is responsible for the first point of contact with our organisation – we might have hello-girl or the greeter.  Instead of a web designer, we might have webwiz

If you want your business to be truly special, you have to make sure that it’s not like every other business.  If you want employees to help you reach your organisational goals, you must inspire and engage them – and they must have a clear understanding of what they can do to help!

Here’s our ideas so far – More team members to follow very soon… then we can start to animate our superheros :) BOOM

Mark – Game Changer

The Creative and Motivated Mind of NMC
Creative Genius/Director/Owner- Changing the World

Sara – Wonder Woman

Our very own Wonder Woman!
HR/Customer service – Gets the job done!

Lindsay – Graphics Girl

The Newest Recruit /  Enthusiastic Design Wiz Kid
Designer/Illustrator – Committed to Great Design!


 We hope you like!

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