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Fish! Market Philosophy – A remarkable way to boost morale and improve results – Book Review

Fish! Market Philosophy – Fish remarkable morale improve results Book Review ‘FISH!’ is a simple, easy to read story about Seattle’s Pike Place Fish. The underlying message, however, is about inspiring and injecting passion back into the work environment, which can also have a knock on effect with all aspects of life. The “Fish Philosophy” is […]

Hannah Character

Account Happiness Manager

Please help us welcome ANOTHER team member! As the New Media Team continues to grow we realised we needed some help managing accounts, liaising with clients and keeping all the creatives in line.  We are pleased to introduce… Name: Hannah Mee Position: Account Happiness Manager BIO: Hannah Mee, one of the world’s most sought-after CRM Agents, […]

Apple in tree

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Working for a design and media company means that we get pretty excited about new products that might help us out or offer us a bit of a gimmick to entertain us for a while. It’s getting to that time of year again…noo not Christmas (yet) but our other favourite part of the year, when […]

arm painted

I’d give my right arm!

I’d give my right arm to work for the New Media Company! As our company continues to grow, as does the desire to work as part of our team. Our most recent advert had an overwhelming number of applicants which was both exciting and quite daunting for us! People were excited, motivated and eager to […]


We believe in Making a Difference

We believe in Making a Difference Here at the New Media Company we follow a set of company values that remind us what is important and help to guide us to do the right thing. One of our values is to “Make a Difference.” This could be anything from a small act of kindness to giving a […]

Why use humour to get your message across

Why use humour to get your message across?

Nobody likes being marketed to, but by taking the funny approach, your message won’t just get received by your target audience – it may actually be welcomed. How to use humour in your online video marketing. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and works wonders in levelling the online marketing playfield. With a little sense […]

Graphic Design Survival Kit

Graphic Design Survival Kit

Take the most basic of items and transform yourself into the Bear Grylls of Graphic designers. Our fashion choices can also lend its hand to surviving in the wild, so get your jam jars at the ready just in case the oversized lenses are needed to begin a fire, and with your familiar comforting software […]


Company Culture Is Everything

The New Media fortnightly Team Recognition Awards   As a bit of fun and to show our appreciation for all the good work our team have been doing we thought it would be a great idea to give a couple of fortnightly recognition awards.   Award 1: Hero of the Week This award will go […]

Captain Creative

Welcome Another Newby!

NAME: Callum Thompson   We are delighted to announce that Callum (aka: Captain Creative) has joined us on our creative quest! We take extra care in selecting only A players to join our team and Callum is certainly one of them. POSITION: Apprentice Graphic Designer/ Illustrator – Ambitious Design Prodigy BIO: After a year working together, news began […]

The New Media Company

Welcome to our newest team member…

Name: James Davies Position: Apprentice Graphic Designer / Eager Creative Explorer BIO: Young James Davies is eager creative with big hopes and big dreams. He has grown up with the desire to be a super designer and to change the world by great design. It is through this passion for learning that James was the […]


With great powers comes great responsibility!

  We wanted to create a new, interesting and memorable email signature so that when we sign off from emails, customers will know they are dealing with design & marketing super humans! “With great powers comes great responsibility” No longer do we want to be referred to as “Graphic Designer” or “Marketing Director” – We […]


We’re Hiring a Graphic and Web Design Genius… Is this You?

Not your typical Design and Marketing Agency! We don’t know if you are a budding, up-and-coming Design-Genius-Ninja-All-Star or not. However we have a quick question for you… Do you want to spend your precious time and energy working in a… boring, run-of-the-mill, ordinary, dead-end unadventurous …design and marketing agency? Nope? Neither do we! That’s a […]


They say it comes in threes

Well, what a year… We’ve had a fantastic year and we would like to thank all our amazing customers for taking onboard all our creative and sometimes wacky ideas. First we won the a top honour at the UK’s biggest award ceremony dedicated to entrepreneurship. Gold medal-winning Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy, presented a key note […]


BOOM! We WON! and claimed a top honour at the UK’s biggest award ceremony dedicated to entrepreneurship

  Well they say ‘Shit Happens’. No one likes a show-off but we are so proud we have to tell everyone.. Press Release below: Local media agency receives national honour at UK’s most prestigious award ceremony dedicated to entrepreneurship. A Doncaster-based media agency has claimed a top honour at the UK’s biggest award ceremony dedicated […]


Believe in what you do, to succeed in whatever you do. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

  Believe in what you do, to succeed in whatever you do. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action Countless times we hear believers quote ‘Believing is Doing’. Ever wondered why this philosophy is so essential to the idea of religion itself? Why can’t we do and then believe? What makes believing a prerequisite to […]


Great News, We’ve been nominated for the ‘Best Business Video’ Award

  We have been nominated for the ‘Best Business Video’ at The National Entrepreneur Awards 2013 WOW, Great News today….. We were recently entered into The National Entrepreneur Awards. This morning we received an email from the awards organisers stating we have been nominated for our recent marketing video. Hosting the National Awarding is Nigel […]


DIY-Do It Yourself Marketing Help

DIY-Do It Yourself Marketing Help What happens when you trust that marketing guy to handle your advertising and it doesn’t work? Is it really a mouse trap? Is advertising not meant for your business or is it you who is doing it wrong? Let’s face it – advertising can be a tough cookie to crack; […]


Titian Furniture Video Shoot

We have just finished filming for the Titan Furniture Company. Titan were the fist company in the World to develop a One Piece classroom chair that conformed to EN1729 Parts 1 and 2. THE BRIEF We produced the video at several locations to ensure we achieved the full production picture. The initial shoot was held at RG where […]


Factors that Affect Video Production

Factors that Affect Video Production New Media work hard on every aspect of video production in Sheffield, clients often ask us how we arrive at the results. Many are keen to learn the process that is adopted when creating a corporate video from scratch whilst some wonder how the cost is allocated. There are many […]


360 Virtual Tours | Panoramic Photography Services

360 Virtual Tours | Panoramic Photography Services 360 Virtual tours are a proven method for increasing your visitor’s enjoyment of your website whilst enticing them further into your brand to buy your product or service. Ideal for marketing effectively and efficiently a good 360 virtual tour will take your customer on a journey that they never want […]


2012 New Media Showreel – Latest Video Production and Motion Graphics

  New Media – Lastest Showreel demonstrates our creative Motion Graphics, Video Production and 3D animation within a two minute video. New Media are based in South Yorkshire and cover all areas including Doncaster, Sheffield, Leeds, Scunthorpe, Hull, Retford, Castleford, York, Barnsley, Rotherham, Wakefield. We will travel worldwide if needed. Contact us for a free […]


New Corporate Video. Take a look around…

Brief: Bubble Design and Marketing based in Retford near Nottingham wanted potential customers and visiters to their website to virtually visit their studio and meet the team. What better way to illustrate this than a 2 minute corporate video. After storyboarding the video New Media spent one day on site shooting the studio, the equipment, creative team and pieces of Bubble Designs […]


3D Packshots and Virtual 3D Rendering

The future is here. There is no more need to cut, fold and glue conventional mock-ups. New Media is a video production company based in Doncaster near Sheffield and can create 3D PDF files that you can rotate in the Adobe Reader, We can create virtual movies and virtual pack shot. Spot structural mistakes. Check shrink and distortions, find and correct […]