Project: Graphic Design, Illustration & Signage

Plover Primary School

We’re Making Our Mark!

Here at the New Media Company we love to draw!

Plover Primary School is a very forward thinking school. They had a brilliant idea to create characters that represent the different characteristics of a child’s learning. For example, a character called “Create” who learns and excels by being creative.

We were given 6 characteristics, Create, Challenge, Reflect, Embrace, Resilient, Persevere, and were asked to create 6 characters that would reflect each of these characteristics. Each character had to look like an average child so that the children in the school would be able to relate to and look up to the various characters.

Steve Bowler – Head Teacher
Plover Primary School

“We are really pleased with the designs, they have surpassed our expectations and really bring our work on learning behaviors to life!”