Project: Brand Creation & Website Design

Flooring Showroom

Creating a Brand

Already having worked with the guys with a large before on a number of projects, it has been a pleasure to work with them on this project for The Flooring Showroom.

Our first task was to create a brand for The Flooring Showroom. They wanted a simple but effective logo which made their company stand out from the competitors. As their main clients would be buying flooring for domestic purposes, we chose a range of warm colours to create a homely feel to the overall branding.

Mark T –
Owner & Director

“Absolutely superb service. You can’t buy their dedication and it’s a great endorsement as to what New Media is. I’d always recommend them”


Responsive Website Design

It was important to create a website that shows the The Flooring Showroom just doesn’t just sell flooring – They sell good quality flooring. This was a main focus for us when creating the brand and website. We had to make the website look the part in this industry but also unique.

The website was built to be an ecommerce website with a shopping cart. The shopping cart had to be secure but also user friendly.